Several Benefits Of Powder Coating

A powder coat is a type of finish for metal that is an alternative to paint. With powder coating, a fine powder is electrostatically applied to the item to be finished, and the charged particles of powder adhere to the surface. The item is then moved to an oven where it is heated until the powder fuses into a smooth coating. Powder coating is available in a range of colors, and it is frequently used on appliances, auto parts, architectural components, and many other everyday products. There are several benefits to using a powder coat instead of paint.

First of all, the quality of a powder coat finish is excellent, and customers are invariably pleased with the result. Not only does the finish look good, it is very durable. Unlike paint, a powder coat will not chip with use or fade in sunlight. Along with a variety of colors, customers can also choose a texture, such as glossy, metallic, clear, fluorescent, and glitter, for example.

In addition to appearance and durability, powder coating also offers a more environmentally friendly way to apply a finish. A liquid paint, for instance, contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are a known pollutant, and many of these VOCs are released into the environment whenever paint is used. Consequently, painters end up having to invest in pollution control equipment. But a powder coat contains none of these compounds and is thus much safer to use.

Powder coating is also less expensive than painting. With painting, up to 50% of the liquid in paint evaporates into the air and cannot be reclaimed. In addition, when paint is applied, there is usually overspray, which is hard to contain and leads to waste. With powder coating, 100% of overspray can be reclaimed and reused.

Finally, one of the greatest benefits of powder coating is that it is very fast. While paint needs to dry for several days, a powder coat can be fully cured and ready to use in just 20 minutes. This represents a huge convenience for the owners of the parts. To learn more reasons to consider powder coating, check out

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