Choosing Your Wedding Location

You have said “yes” to the love of your life, and the excitement of planning has kicked in. You saw Simply Beautiful Saint Lucia on The Bachelor a few years ago, the numerous Wedding & Honeymoon awards the island has won, the beautiful photographs of the island and you know that this is where you were meant to say “I Do.”

While browsing through photos, you can’t figure out if you want to get married under the majestic Pitons in Soufriere, along a beach with the sunset as your backdrop, or have a tropical park or garden wedding. When planning a wedding, there are so many choices, and decisions which you and your spouse to be will have to make.

Well, we are here to help you narrow down those decisions. We will guide you through a few things you should consider when trying to select the location for your Saint Lucian destination wedding.

How many people will be celebrating with you?
The number of people attending your wedding is perhaps one of the most important things to consider when planning your wedding. It will determine, everything which follows after that. Your numbers of guests will be one go the primary things you need to consider as most venues will charge you based on your head count. You do not want to pay for sixty guests and then only have forty-eight people show up. Your RSVP list will also help you determine this number.

How much money do you have budgeted?
Shop around a bit before deciding on your location. Compare prices. Consider whether your venue charges you per person or hourly – sometimes it may be both! Is your desired location a “bare bones” location where your costs will add up from bringing in tables, chairs, lighting and other needed decor items?

What ambiance would you like to create?
Although you have selected the beautiful tropical island, the vision for your wedding may be traditional, vintage or elegant. Keep in mind whether your theme and colors will complement the authenticity of the venue or if it will look totally out of place.

What spaces will you need to suit your wedding program?
Will your wedding ceremony, cocktail, reception and dancing all take place at this location? Is there sufficient space to accommodate all of these activities in the way you hope or envision? Do you need to pay additional costs for using particular areas of the venue? The venue should allow for a seamless flow between the areas used and allow for each part of your wedding to accommodate all the necessities. After setting tables and chairs, will there be sufficient space to set up the other necessary components like a candy station, band or DJ? Consider the guests you have invited and if the location will also suit their needs. You should also ensure that the locations suits the needs of the guests you have invited.

Location logistics
The logistics are certainly significant. Consider the distances from where the bridal party will be getting ready, where your guests reside, in comparison to the wedding ceremony location. How will they be getting to and from the wedding and reception if in different places? Are the ceremony and reception held at the same location? Consider the lighting as this may make it tricky for your photographer.
We live on an island, and although there are often sunny skies, you should consider if the location offers an alternative area if it rains.

Venue restrictions
Think about what you want and ask questions. Sites who offer catering will often prohibit outside catering. Will there be other events taking place on the property or will you have exclusive use of the venue? If there will be other functions, in what proximity will they be to your location? If you select a public area, consider that you may have onlookers and well wishes from strangers.

Do you want your wedding to end early in the night or your guests to party until the wee hours of the morning? Ask questions regarding time restrictions as this may affect your budget.

Securing your venue.
Note that most locations will not secure your wedding date until you have either made a deposit or sign the contract. Before doing this, make sure you understand what your package includes, understand what you can and cannot do at the location, think about what additional components you will have to bring in. Will the venue’s planner be sufficient when dealing with the various aspects of your wedding or will you need to employ a wedding/event planner to assist you with making the details become a reality?

Special Moments Caribbean offers both local and Destination Weddings. We are a full service wedding provider and will organise all the details to capture the essence of your special day from your “yes moment” till after you and your guests leave your reception. Trust us to make your wedding day special and unique. No matter if you pick a standard package or you customize each detail, your celebration will be completed successfully and seamlessly.

We assist with transportation upon arrival and on your special day, securing your location, flowers, entertainment, photography & videography, decor, cake and tours for your guests.

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